Dean Graziosi

Dean was born in Marlboro, New York, in 1968. His parents, Gloria and Paul Graziosi, divorced when he was three. On the other hand, Dean moved back to Marlboro when he was 13 years old to live with his father. He attended Marlboro High School here. Dean, his elder sister, and his mother had fled their Upstate New York home at the time. Dean’s family relocated several times during his childhood. He recalls being raised mainly by his mother and grandma. Dean’s mother struggled to support her two children at the time, and money was constantly tight.

Dean Graziosi’s net worth

Dean Graziosi’s books and courses have helped him become one of the country’s most prominent entrepreneurs. His writings and real estate company provide the majority of his money. This country’s top real estate instructor has a net worth of $50 million. He is also starting from his monthly pay of $131,000. He has a $50 million net worth and is the top real estate tutor in the state.

It gave him compelling information, pushing his training program to the limit. Dean’s debut book, ‘Totally Fulfilled,’ was released in 2006. Dean got his start in real estate by buying numerous profitable firms. The text highlighted Dean’s thoughts on real estate success and how to apply the same mindset to your job. His writings were full of suggestions on becoming a great businessman in life and how to achieve success at a young age. He is one of the world’s top employees and business leaders. His net worth will surely increase in the following year due to his current book and course and his zest for work.

Dean Graziosi wiki

Dean came from a middle-class background. Paul Graziosi and Gloria Post are his parents. He lost both of his parents when he was three years old. His mother and grandmother reared him and his older sister. However, he moved live with his father when he was 13.

His upbringing was particularly challenging because the family constantly faced financial problems. He was a Marlboro High School student. It’s interesting to note that he never went to college.

In his twenties, he took the risk of buying, fixing, and selling secondhand cars without any financial backing. After experiencing success, he was inspired to continue making real estate investments.

Early life

Dean grew up in a middle-class family. His parents are Gloria Post and Paul Graziosi. In his early childhood, his parents separated. Gloria Post raised him and his older sister with the help of her grandmother. Nevertheless, when he was 13 years old, he moved in with his father. His upbringing was challenging since the family was often in financial difficulty. His high school was Marlboro. He never attended college, which is surprising. He acquired, fixed, and sold secondhand automobiles without any cash in his twenties. He had successfully invested in real estate, encouraging him to keep investing.

 Dean Graziosi’s Age

Based on our findings, we determined the birthday to be November 20, 1968. He is currently 54 years old. He was born in Marlboro, New York, in the United States.

Personal Life

Dean Graziosi married his long-term lover Jonelle Ward and had two children. In 2006, they had their first child. ‘Breana,’ they named her. After two years, their second kid, ‘Brody,’ was born. The critics claim that they use Dean’s name to entice people to go, but he doesn’t even appear half the time. Some critics say the gatherings are little more than advertising for more expensive programs, courses, and masterminds. Despite this, two-thirds of all evaluations are positive, with some describing it as “life-changing.” The whole family has relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. Dean has been performing live for almost a decade in various locales around the United States.

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Dean Graziosi Faces Financial Difficulties

Dean Graziosi genuinely went through financial difficulties, moving 20 times before 19. They couldn’t afford his mother’s monthly pay of $90. They wore used clothing and may not have been able to buy the current status symbols due to financial uncertainty, resulting in bullying. However, the harm was just temporary since actual hustling began. On the other hand, he got strength from being on the “wrong stage of the path” in school. Dean convinced himself that he would become one of the most outstanding, most popular, and wealthy; he began working towards it, and now he has done it; this is the result of attention and determination.

Dean Graziosi Show

Dean Graziosi released his debut podcast on Apple in October 2020. The episodes include subjects such as how to succeed in your work and emotional hangups to avoid if you want to reach your objectives.


Graziosi began his real estate career by investing in several successful businesses. He eventually enrolled in the following program to study more about the field. In 2006, he released his first book, titled ‘Fulfilled.’ It was mainly about Dean’s philosophy on real estate and how to approach it as a job. He subsequently published his second book, ‘Be A Real Estate Millionaire,’ through the same publisher, Vanguard Press. His third novel, released in January 2009, was an instant hit. It was titled ‘Profit From Real Estate,’ among the best selections in the sector.

When Dean recruits by a company whose owners had more than 15 years of experience planning and producing events, his career took off. They traveled to several places to adapt their global real estate concepts.

Television career

Dean Graziosi has been a television presence for almost 20 years. He routinely conducts infomercials advertising his courses or books and has become a late-night television fixture. Dean’s official website offers free information on real estate, financial planning, and other self-improvement issues.