Originally released more than a decade ago, Minecraft is a sandbox game. Players have grown significantly over time, and numerous updates have been made. Beginners are unaware of some of the game’s valuable features because the game has so many elements to explore. In Minecraft, you can repair tools, weapons, and armor items, a handy feature that beginners might not know about.

It can take many hours to create an enchanted set of armor and weapons. Then you must mine Diamonds or Nether rite, and this alone can take a long time. Once you have XP, you can farm mobs with a farm you built. To enchant all your equipment, you must first craft it. If you want to transport a specific item (such as armor), it will take some of your time, too, especially if you enchant more than one item at a time. If you consider all this, enchanted items can be handy in Minecraft. It would be a shame to lose all of your enchanted items. We teach you how to fix enchanted items since you want to know how to do it.

Minecraft Repair Enchanted Item

In Minecraft, magical items are an essential aspect of the game, providing players with additional powers and abilities. However, these items can become damaged over time and must be repaired. Repairing enchanted items in Minecraft is straightforward and can be done using an anvil. To repair an enchanted item, players must combine two of the same item and pay a certain amount of experience points.

The enchanted item will then be repaired, and its durability will be restored to its maximum value. This process will also combine the enchantments on the two items, resulting in a new, stronger enchantment. It is important to note that repairing enchanted items can be expensive, especially for higher-level enchantments, so players must carefully consider whether it is worth the cost.

Cost of repairing your tools is high

A combination of tools/weapons/pieces of armor on the anvil can increase each item’s durability and enchantment strength. The downside to this is that future repairs will cost more XP. These costs quickly increase unimaginably. After just a few repairs, it took me about 30 levels to repair something. Additional diamonds are required to repair the damage. Combining enchantments is expensive in XP, and you wish to improve the enchantments on the first tool, such a method of repairing would not be worth the effort in the long run.

Find out how to construct an anvil here

The first thing we need to do is craft an Anvil before seeing how to use it. The item requires a lot of iron, which makes it quite costly. There are four iron ingots and three blocks of iron needed. For those who do not know, 9 Iron Ingots must be combined on a Crafting Table to get a Block of Iron.

In other words, the equivalent of 31 iron ingots would be needed to construct an Anvil! Instead of spending all these resources, you could steal an item from a villager if you didn’t want to pay them all. An anvil can only be broken with a pickaxe.

A guide to repairing enchanted items with an anvil

Using an Anvil, you can repair an enchanted item by putting the damaged item into the Anvil as follows:

An Iron Ingot is used to repair an Iron Sword in this example. We would place a Gold Ingot if it were a Golden Sword, a Diamond if it was a Diamond Sword, etc. Usually, you don’t have to put any material in the second slot, but keep in mind that this might not be possible.

Another Iron Sword could have been placed in the second slot. There is always the possibility of putting another one in the second slot (if you need to repair a bow, then you should put another bump in the second slot; if you need to fix a Diamond Helmet, then you should put another Diamond Helmet in the second slot, etc.). You can always choose this option.

Once the item has been repaired, you can put it in your inventory by taking it from the output slot. To repair an item, you must spend experience levels similar to enchanting. An enchanted item can be repaired and still retain its enchantments. To repair the first item, you can consume a second enchanted one. In such a case, the Anvil will combine all the enchantments from both entities. Trying may not be possible sometimes because of two reasons:

  • In some cases, two enchantments cannot coexist (for example, Protection and Blast Protection cannot coexist on the same item. Also, you can see how Axe’s enchantments cannot coexist on the same item). A maximum of 39 experience levels can be attained with the Anvil.
  • Combining two heavily enchanted items will get you to 39 even though it sounds like a lot.

How to obtain Minecraft repair enchanted items?

An anvil is required to repair enchanted items in Minecraft. All kinds of things can be done with an anvil. Here’s how to rename your favorite articles, from repairing them to renaming them.

For the construction of an anvil, four iron ingots and three iron blocks are required. The process of finding this ore is relatively straightforward. Look around the same level where you would find coal or copper underground. After you have crafted your anvil, put your enchanted item in the first slot and one of two things in the second slot. Either put the type of ore your item is made out of (diamonds, gold, iron), or put the same type of item into the second slot. This is also your opportunity to rename your item if you choose to do so.

Anvil repairs involve these things:

  • Among other things, you can rename your items using the anvil. It will cost you an extra experience point.
  • However, the anvil is also less durable than standard tools. Considering how much iron it would take to make a new one, this is vital.
  • When you repair an item again, and again, and again, it will cost you more and more each time until your item becomes “too expensive.”

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The Mending enchantment can be used to repair enchanted items

This last method is different from all others, but it is better than all of them. The durability of an item won’t be dramatically improved overnight, but it will gradually improve. Getting the Mending enchantment isn’t possible through Enchanting Tables; you must fish, trade with villagers, or loot chests for it. If you refer to our previous article regarding Silk Touch, you’ll find that every method except for the one requiring an Enchanting Table will also work for Mending.

Mending enchanted blades (or Mending magical tools) or enchanted armor on your person will repair the item instead of gaining experience while in your hands. Since it can be completely automated and has none of the drawbacks of Anvil, it is considered the best method by many players. Even though it’s tedious to find a Mending enchanted Book, the effort is well worth it.


  • Is enchantment removed when an item is repaired?

During item repair, all previous penalties are removed, and any enchantments are removed as well.

  • Is it more costly to repair enchanted items?

The level cost of an item increases every time you repair or combine it. The level cost can be mitigated, however, by renaming it first.

  • What should I do about my enchantment’s high cost?

When your anvil has a maximum level of enchantment, it also says ‘too expensive’.

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