When it comes time to construct or modify your ideal home, choosing between standing seam metal roofing, corrugated metal roofing, and asphalt shingles might be difficult. How much does standing seam metal roofing cost? That topic became increasingly difficult to answer in 2022 due to the steel shortage and price hikes since steel prices were unstable and rising quickly.

What Is a standing seam metal roofing?

Pleated panels between 12 and 19 inches wide and linked on a vertical seam make up the standing seam metal roof, which comprises several panels with good connections. To improve durability, they are fastened together using secret locks. Typically thicker than metal shingles, the material is more costly and long-lasting.

The most costly and weather-tight metal roofing option is a standing seam metal roof, which costs the most. You’ll probably need to know the price, among other things, to decide if it’s the ideal match for your home.

Types of standing seam metal roofs

1.      Standing seam roofs made of galvanized steel

Zinc-aluminum alloy coatings on Galvalume steel roofing are as corrosion-resistant as aluminum and as durable as steel. It is often the priciest standing seam roofing material that you can install.

·         Standing Seam Galvanized Steel Roof

A zinc-coated steel roof also called a galvanized steel roof or a G-90 standing seam roof is one of the most popular materials for standing seam roofing. The zinc coating prevents corrosion, and the steel is sturdy and long-lasting.

·         Standing-seam painted aluminum roofs

Aluminum is the most economical material for standing seam roofing. Although it may ding more readily than steel, it offers superior corrosion resistance. It can be painted in some colors, allowing for a more uniform appeal in any home style.

The cost of supplies and the ultimate total cost are two areas that influence the amount you might anticipate paying.

Cost of standing seam metal roofing components

A standing seam is a metal roofing intended to endure 40 to 60 years or more. Since every component is of the most outstanding caliber, the complete set will last you a lifetime. Once you’ve decided to buy a standing seam roof, we highly advise against using a paint system with a gauge of 26 or less or an SMP.

We do not advise those choices since they will not result in significant expense reductions. These less expensive solutions result in a roofing system that isn’t built to survive for a very long period.

There aren’t many alternatives or factors when determining the cost of standing seam metal roofing panels. The roofing panels should always have a PVDF paint system on steel at least 24 gauge since they need to be durable.

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How much does a new standing seam metal roofing cost?

For a typical 3,000 square foot roof, installing a standing seam metal roof typically costs between $24,000 and $42,000, with most homeowners spending about $33,000. Remember that this cost may change based on your roof’s slope, pitch, and overall square footage. Speak with a reliable roofing contractor in your region to get a more accurate price for your house.

The cost of each roof will be unique. The price of your standing seam metal roof will thus be different from your neighbor’s. Thus, it isn’t easy to provide an accurate estimate without climbing onto your roof. Your roof and the contractor you choose are two of the many pricing elements that will affect the final cost.

Widths of Standing Seam Panels

The metal panel’s width impacts the pricing. Standing seam panels are available in widths, with 12″ to 18″ being the most common. More comprehensive panels offer a more significant value, with 18 “panels being the most economical option. Every two, “As you get narrower, the price goes up by about 15%.

Standing seam metal roof benefits

A specific seam locking tool and a knowledgeable metal roofer are required because most standing seam metal roofs are field-locked systems. Compared to asphalt shingles or other typical roofing materials, a standing seam metal roof has a higher initial cost, but it will last far longer.

As a fire-resistant roofing material, metal roofing can reduce your insurance costs, particularly in wildfire-prone Texas and California. A standing seam metal roof can last between 15 to 60 years, depending on the metal roof.

Installing a standing seam metal roof has several advantages, including:

  • A 15- to 60-year life expectancy
  • An investment return of up to 90%
  • Not prone to erosion, shrinkage, or cracking
  • Outstanding performance in adverse conditions, such as intense snow, hail, and fire
  • Contemporary appearance
  • Prolonged warranties, usually lasting 30 to 50 years
  • Environmentally friendly

The durability of standing seam metal roof

No material can protect a building from wind, rain, hail, fire, insects, or deterioration like a standing seam metal roof. Since seams are the weakest part of a roof and a moisture entry point, standing seam roofs can be elevated above roofing panels. Furthermore, the roof has far fewer seams than conventional roofing systems since the metal panels run continuously from top to bottom.

What is the primary drawback of metal roofs?

Noisiness. Depending on the style of decking to use during an erection, metal roofs may be noisier than other goods during an intense downpour or hailstorm (spaced or solid). This issue can occasionally be resolved by increasing attic insulation; however, doing so could raise expenditures. Fasteners, extension, & contraction.