The success of your product depends significantly on your ability to make the appropriate choice based on the application required. Having knowledgeable, experienced team members on board can guarantee that the proper materials are being used for your project.

A wire harness is a systematic and integrated arrangement of cables inside an insulating material. It is also referred to as a cable harness or wiring assembly. The assembly’s function is to convey electrical power or a signal. Straps, cable ties, lacing, sleeves, electrical tape, conduit, or a combination of these bind cables together.

What is a wiring harness?

Wire harnesses are systematic and integrated arrangements of cables enclosed in insulating materials. Cable harnesses and wiring assemblies are also called cable assemblies. The assembly conveys electrical power or a signal.

These are two distinct goods, though. The cable assembly is composed of more durable material. It is designed to provide better protection in the harshest situations, even though both are outer sheaths intended to cover wires or cables. In the world of electricity, wiring harnesses and cable assemblies serve several purposes.

How much is a custom or high-quality wire harness worth?

Because wire harnesses are utilized in several applications, their value fluctuates. As a result, the harness is not a one-size-fits-all item. Instead, the weight of the wires and the size of the space they will occupy should be taken into consideration when building the wire harness.

Wire harnesses are intended to be inexpensive to organize technicians and safeguard them and their equipment, but for maximum effect, they need also be of good quality.

·       Cost

A wiring harness in your computer or automobile could be made up of a few wires. Wire harnesses, such as that produced for airplanes by InterConnect, might be necessary. These massive wire harnesses may have thousands of cables and hundreds of connectors.

The final wire harness may cost more than $50,000 and weigh more than 100 pounds. An extension cable is essentially a little electrical harness that you purchase. Injection-molded cable assemblies, fiber optic cables, cable looms, cable assemblies, coax cables, RF cables, and harnesses are some of the many names for Wiring harnesses.

Aircraft wiring harnesses are crucial because they may be placed as a single unit rather than one wire at a time. A manufacturing area like Inter would create wires on a table rather than installing them on an aircraft one by one and then connecting them to connections, terminations, or splices. Connect wirings is much more efficient. A collection of wires that have previously been bundled together may be routed considerably more quickly and efficiently than if they are routed separately.

·       Ease mating

Are you ever attempted to descend a dry slip-and-slide? If such were the case, you most likely did not get very far, and the friction may have even caused skin burns. It takes more energy to pair unlubricated connections, like going down a dry slip-and-slide. It is easier to slide down a slip-and-slide when wet because moisture between your skin and the plastic creates a barrier that lowers friction. 

Applying a tiny coating of grease to a connection makes mating easier by reducing friction between the connectors. Reduced mating force results in less stress on the body, which might be crucial in assemblies with several connections. Lubrication reduces mating force, enhancing your product’s performance and dependability in addition to ergonomics.

 By lowering the thickness of the contact plate or removing some mechanical tolerance, a design engineer might reduce the mating force. Still, both methods raise the risk of a connection failure in operation. As an alternative, lubricant application during manufacturing guarantees a strong connection that will persist for the duration of the connector.

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The benefits of RPC manufacturing

RPC is an electronic manufacturing business committed to offering specialized and superior production. We are competent in finishing projects with unusual and particular criteria. Wire harness production and bespoke cable assembly production are our areas of expertise, and we have more than 15 years of experience in these fields.

 Let us put our knowledge to work and discover a cost-effective solution suitable for you, regardless of the length of your wire or cable, the combination of terminals or conductors you want to employ, or your budget.

Wire harness assembly benefits

Many autos need miles of wire to function. This technique simplifies the construction of these vehicles by incorporating all necessary wires and cables into one device. Harness installation is as simple as “dropping in” the wires instead of running them individually.

When bonded together in a single harness, wires and cables are more resistant to vibrations, abrasions, and moisture. The wires have been built into a non-flexing bundle, which maximizes space and lowers the possibility of an electrical short. When the wires are contained inside a flame-resistant sleeve, the chance of an electrical fire is also decreased.

Design and pre-production of wire harness

A wire harness method is created based on the geometric and electrical specifications of the machinery it will be put in. The product documentation and the assembly board for the harness are created using a schematic after the basic design has been chosen.

The assembly board sometimes referred to as a pin board, is a complete schematic of the harness that shows every part and its location. It also functions as the harness’s workbench.

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