Dark oak

That’s probably why the villagers used black oak as the primary construction materials for the eerie woodland houses, which can only be found in thatched forest biomes. These massive, unusual structures, which include an odd assortment of strange and creepy rooms, are the only area in the game where you can receive a Totem of Undying.

Dark oak in Minecraft

Dark oak wood and acacia were included in Minecraft in release 1.7.2 of the game. It only occurs natively in one biome, the deep, dark-roofed forest. Trees grow so close together in this biome that it’s often gloomy enough for hostile monsters to spawn throughout the day.

Size of trunks

Dark oak trees have longer trunks than most of the other trees substantially; they’re 2×2 blocks with jagged branches beneath the leaf canopy. Shady oaks are more challenging to cultivate than other trees because they need four saplings placed in a 2×2 grid to develop and will not grow if planted separately. On the plus side, they grow faster than traditional trees.

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Where to find dark oak in Minecraft?


In Minecraft, dark oak is usually spotted growing on Pozdol. Pozdol is a sort of dirt that is yellowish and greenish in color instead of typical earth. It is amongst the most elusive types of land inside the game. Pozdol can be found on the street in the roofed woodland biome.

Ordinary Dirt

In Minecraft, dark oak wood could be seen growing on everyday dirt. This is the most common soil block in the game. Ordinary dirt does have a tan color with tiny grey specks in it. Regular soil can be found almost anywhere else in the Minecraft universe.

Dirt on the course

Course soil is very similar to plain dirt. The main distinction is that this filth does not spread. It’s unusual to see a dark oak tree flourish on this soil.

Blocks of Grass

Grass bricks are almost certainly the most prevalent type of terrain in Minecraft. They can be found everywhere around the gaming environment. Grass blocks are soil blocks covered in grass. They typically have giant oak trees on them.


Dark oak trees produce thick 22-inch trunks. If you generate dirt blocks on a cliff, they will appear beneath the chest. Shady oak trees almost always sprout with uneven logs attached to the trunk; these are huge branches. Dark oak trees with trunks made up of 11 dark oak logs rather than 22 can be characterized by two kinds of woodland palace rooms: the tree cutting chamber and the nature room. These are not produced anywhere else in the world and cannot be cultivated from seedlings.


Dark Oak seedlings can be placed on the following surfaces:

  • Grass
  • Block
  • Coarse
  • Dirt
  • Podzol

These trees can only be grown if 4 dark oak saplings are placed in a 22-square grid; they will not grow if planted singly. Dark oak trees develop faster than other types of trees. They need a 33 column of clear space at least 7 blocks well above seedling to succeed. This column is centered on the sapling to the northwest. Furthermore, dark oak trees required 55 layers of unobstructed growth for the top three layers of their final height. There is no need for horizontal clearance at the tree’s base (saplings implanted in a 22 hole 1 block deep will still thrive).

Dark oak dying

Dark oaks in the Bedrock and Education editions might appear as a dying tree. Dying shady oaks grow organically and can be propagated from ordinary saplings. A dying dark oak grows the same way as any other tree, but all accessible logs inside the main stem are overgrown in the vine.

Uses of Dark Oak Wood in Minecraft

Building Material

Dark Oak Wood is a type of wood found in the game Minecraft that can be used to build structures and other objects. It is an excellent building material because it is strong, durable, and easy to work with. Players can use it to create a variety of different structures, including houses, towers, bridges, and more. Dark Oak Wood is also used to create various tools, such as axes, hoes, and pickaxes.

Fuel for Furnaces

Dark Oak Wood can also be used as fuel in the game’s furnaces. Furnaces are used to smelt ores and cook food. To use Dark Oak Wood as fuel, players must first place it into the furnace and then add their desired item to the furnace. The wood will then burn, providing heat to the furnace and allowing the item to be smelted or cooked.

Crafting Recipes

Dark Oak Wood is used in a variety of crafting recipes in Minecraft. For example, it is used to create Dark Oak Planks, which can then be used to build structures and other objects. Dark Oak Wood is also used to create a variety of different tools and items, such as Dark Oak Sticks and Dark Oak Doors.


Edition 1.7.2 of the game introduced acacia and dark oak wood. Only one biome—the deep, dark-roofed forest—generates it spontaneously. Due to the dense growth of the trees in just this biome, hostile creatures frequently appear during the daytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In Minecraft, how can you go to the dark forest?

A biome of dark woodland. There is also a wooded mansion visible. A temperate wooded biome is dark woodland. It is well-known for its dense leaf canopies, which block enough light to allow hostile creatures to spawn throughout the day.

  • What is the location of dark Oakwood?

Dark Oak Wood is derived through Dark Oak Trees found in Roofed Rainforest Biomes.

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